Update the West Michigan Design Archives site, to include new custom features. As well as fixing bugs from previous years.










Development Site:
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When they begin to see more of it, I think they’ll become more appreciative of it.

—Barbara Loveland

The goal of the project was to expand on the already existing West Michigan Graphic Design Archives. Housed on a WordPress server, I made changes to the footer, designer profile page, noteworthy section, added a favorites feature, and updated the print style sheets.

Target Audience

Retired Professional

Retired Professional

The primary goal of the retired professional is to submit her innovative work to the archives, as well as apply to be apart of the West Michigan Design community.

Steps to submitting a project
primary user path
Design Student

Young Designer

The primary goal of the young designer is to find inspiration for her most recent project and to be able to go back to it to keep her designs on a consistent path.

Steps to favorite a project
secondary user path
Department of art promotion

Department of Art Promotion

Bruce Naftel

Packaging, Print: Promotional

Exhibition Announcement

Robert Johnston Retrospective Exhibition Announcement

Len Adams

Packaging, Print: Promotional

Potential Link Icons


Favorites Page

The favorites page houses the different favorites. The icons above were the navigational links to go to this custom page. My partner and I used this as an opportunity to incorporate a star to help tie the dog-ear back to a favorites feature.

wordpress conditional logic

Conditional Logic

We added conditional logic for different designs that determined whether or not there had to be a physical copy or not. Posters, technical, and editorial designs are the only three categories in the archives that can be uploaded.

Try some of the features

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