Education inequality in the classroom that restricts the education of students with various disabilities.


Create an application with a set of inclusive standards that will provide the student, regardless of disability, an equal chance in the classroom without the need of the teacher.









sidekick illustration

Change the environment, not the person.

Change the environment, not the body.


The goal of the project was not to solve everyone's problems. The goal was to help take the problem out of the hands of the teacher and to empower the students to excel further.

Target Audience

Hard of Hearing

The students want to connect better with the class, and contribute more to the discussion.

Source: CDC

Anywhere from 25 to 35% of children with unilateral hearing loss are at risk of failing at least one grade level.

Visually Impaired

The Primary goal is to be able to take notes on an application that can then be read back without outside support.

Source: CYP

7 out of 10 students with a vision impairment attend mainstream schools.

Secondary Users


Dyslexic: A disorder that involve difficulty interpreting letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.


Provide a typeface that has been designed to be easily read; the Dyslexie typeface. Every letter is uniquely shaped, eliminating the common reading errors of dyslexia.





Affected with partial or total inability to distinguish one or more chromatic colors.


We chose a color palette that is least affected by the different types of color blindness.





Different Colored Screens

Color Palette

This is how the application might look to a student who has a form of color blindness. Red-green color-blindness effects 95% of the color blind community, and the other two are less common. The application includes the ability increase contrast to help where the colors might fall short.

Application Icons

High Contrast Icons

High contrast icons help those students who are visually impaired see them. There are also optional icon labels that make the application easier to use for screen-readers.

Note taking Process

adding a note

Adding Note

start recording

Start Recording

real time transcribing

Real Time Transcribing



snap to grid feature

Snap to Grid

Note taking Tools

search notes

Search Notes

taking a picture

Take a Picture

adding to notes

Add to Notes

Adding a tag

Add a tag

Nested Menu

Nested Menu

photograph page

Whiteboard Photographs

The sidekick application can photograph a whiteboard, then increase the contrast and take out the background to add a cleaned up image to the notes. The wave stays consistent at the top to verify notes are still being taken.

Additional Features


Settings Page

folder structure

Folder Structure

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot



Share and Delete

Share & Delete

AI chatbot

AI Chatbot

If there are any questions, the student can click on the message icon and talk to an AI Chatbot. This features slightly adjusts the app as needed. It can answer questions like where things are, search for keywords in notes, and give feedback to the designers, so we can create new features for the application in the future.