Brand a restaurant experience that is centered around technology.


A pop-up restaurant in a shipping container that is constantly on the move. Welcoming local chefs and fresh ingredients, every experience is going to be different.









We're on the chase for great food and we don't care if you can keep up.

—The Chef

The restaurant is constantly on the move while being housed in a shipping container. It drops in different locations and opens up to reveal the delicious, local food being cooked inside.



They want to find a unique experience that will take him away from the typical lunch break. Meeting friends and running away from the mundane lunch is the break that they need.

Additional Insight

The foodies are 82% more likely to attend a unique venue over a traditional restaraunt.

Additional Insight

73% of Foodies want an event that promises to be one-of-a-kind.

professional chef

Professional Chef

Looking to find a way to break into the industry, the professional chef needs an opportunity to stand out. With an eager crowd, this is the chance.

Additional Insight

The chefs will only be able to use locally sourced ingredients for the authentic feel.

Amateur Chef

Amateur Chef

The amateur, home chef is looking for food inspiration, and is willing to go the extra mile for some great food. Local ingredients are important to them for a fresh experience.

Additional Insight

The amateur chef is driven by unique food, and they are the driving force of where they go to eat with friends.

Pinpoint Logo


Pinpoint Mobile site
Pinpoint Website

On the Chase...

The restaurant is constantly on the move, and so it is crucial for the website to include hints and a general location so those interested know where to look and how long the restaurant will be at that location.


pinpoint restaurant
pinpoint restaurant
pinpoint restaurant
pinpoint chalkboard
pinpoint restaurant
pinpoint branding




The restaurant is constantly on the move, and the menu is constantly changing. The clipboard provides stability, and the paper can be changed out easily.

The Dining Experience

The plates and silverware stay consistent as the food and environment change. Pinpoint only uses local ingredients in their meals. These different ingredients are meant to represent the city for a unique experience each time it lands.

Pinpoint branding

The brand extends into the to-go boxes, along with the notepads that take the orders.

to-go box
pinpoint notepad
Knife and Fork