A decrease in enrollment in the College of Business Marketing Department at Ferris State University.


rebrand the Day of Discovery recruitment event for the College of business that highlights the six different marketing programs in a way that appeals to potential students.










It took my entire senior year to plan this event... and there was a fire one minute before we had the opening presentation.


The event in the past was known as "Day of Discovery". The visual brand had been the same since 2002, the sign-up process was informal, and the event has a linear structure with presentations.

Target Audience


Potential Student

The primary goal is to learn more about marketing programs and how this extended education will provide value in the future.

Additional Insight

92% of potential students are as equally concerned with the college environment as they are with their major.

Personal Content

72% of generation Z wants to receive personalized content to add value to the experience.



The Primary goal is to be able to help her students find the way, and understand how college can better themselves as individuals.

Additional Insight

Another goal of the teacher is to see the students excel into the future, after high school.

Finally, teachers had more personal motives. Taking students to outside events show well to parents and superiors.


Event awareness


We wanted to reach as many students as possible, so we sent postcards to teachers and advisers that they could then pass on to the students. We followed up shortly after with an email that included the sign-up process with a $500 scholarship to prompt the students to sign-up quickly.

Lets talk lanyards


Student Lanyards

The student lanyard unfolds to reveal a pennant and the event itinerary. The lanyard includes their name and school. Our research showed these personalized name tags appeal to the potential high school students.

Right around this time is when the fire alarm started going off... and it was definitely not a drill.

We took everyone outside and stood around for about five minutes before deciding to restructure the entire event. We quickly decided to give students an elongated tour and then an early lunch at the Rock Café.

event product

The Student Project

Case Study

The goal of the project was to sell this inflatable solar lamp in a marketing case study. This took the high school students through the marketing process and showcased different marketing programs at Ferris.

Six Programs

We brought in college students to represent their program and then teach the students about how they fit in the marketing process. They all came together to show one outcome.

product advertisement
product website

Event Outcome

Different Roles

The students determined who the product should be sold to and then the price and place of sale. We then created a logo, advertisement, and mico-site for the product. Then the students also talked about how a social media could increase sales.

Applying what we've learned this time around to the future of this event.

At the end of this project we prepared a binder to pass onto the next year with everything that we learned. This is to better prepared the future Design Project Center students with everything we've learned so that they can hit the ground running.



The raffle

A student who originally intended to go to a different school has now shown interest after winning the $500 scholarship. The scholarship was raffled off, along with other Ferris gear at the end of the event.