The goal of the project was to brand a festival experience. This includes an attendees path through the festival and how they interact with the print, digital, and environmental graphics.









The statue of David wearing a film festival t-shirt

It's Baloney, There aren't any professional, top notch art thieves.

The guys who stole the Van Goghs used a ladder to get inside the museum.

—Robert Whittman, FBI’s Art Crime Team

Originally created my sophomore year, the project goal was to create a unique festival experience that involved a ticket design, website, and environmental poster. See how far I've come, check out my sophomore site. Note: this site was not responsive. Check out my Sophomore Website

Target Audience

History Enthusiast

Art History Enthusiast

Wants to enjoy the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the artwork housed within, while learning more about it.

Additional Insight

The Enthusiast is also interested in the rich history of stolen art and its place in museums.

Film student

Film Student

Wants a fun night out to watch some good movies and talk with those involved in making them.

Additional Insight

The Film Student is also looking for deeper meaning behind the movie to better understand why direction took place.

Festival Poster Series

Poster Series

The festival poster series counts down as time goes on and the posters are replaced to reveal less of the paintings behind the light. A week before the event the paintings have vanished.

festival mobile homepage
Film Festival Website

Desktop & Mobile

The website is one of the first points of contact. Starting with a video, a timer will count down as the art vanishes into the darkness. The site is a place to purchase tickets and find out more about the movies being shown, and the special events.

Event Ticket

Eventbrite Tickets

Mobile Homepage


Festival Event Page

Featured Events

Festival Merchandise Page


Fesitval Story Page

Festival Stories

Grand Rapids Art Museum at Night

Festival Map

Festival Map

Art Thieves Film Festival

The Film Festival has check in, featured events, different art showings, and different films playing. This is just one potential user path as someone might go through the museum, entering, receiving their name badge and program, meeting the actors, and watching some movies.

Film Festival Actors

Featured Events

Those who have purchased a VIP pass will get to meet cast and crew from featured films like Oceans 11, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Art of the Steal. They will also get to see a special showing of the new Oceans 8 movie.

Film Fesitval Branding